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Course Introduction

Hi there and welcome to the Python Course, after reading these python course you will build 10 real world applications. I assume you are curious to know what this course contains, and you also want to know what you will achieve by completing these course, so that’s what this introductory reading is all about.

My name is Sravya and I have been teaching in IIT’s more than 15 years. I have thousands of students and thousands of reviews on my teaching.

Am a freelancer and python is used as data analysis, visualization.

Coming back to python course content, you don’t need any previous knowledge of python. This course will take you from zero and you will build up the skills slowly and advance them as you will build 10 real time applications.

The course will take you to build 10 large applications in different areas of python starting from data analysis to visualizations on the web and web apps with databases and many more.

Application 1:

Building a program that generates texts given some user-defined rules.

Application 2:

You’ll build a program that creates Web Maps, and after that you’ll build a program that blocks access to certain websites in certain hours during the day in your computer. This program has been quite useful for me personally as it doesn’t let me browse destructive websites while I’m working,So that improves my productivity.

Application 3:

Build a website with Python and the Flask framework and not just that, but you will also learn how to deploy the website in a live server so that everyone can see your website through the website URL address.

Application 4:

Then you will build a desktop program that interacts with a database and lets users store, delete,And view data through the program graphical user interface which you are going to buildWith Python.

Application 5:

Starts the computer webcam and start recording a video, and in detects movement live in the video frame that is being captured, and so the program also records motion data and produces a web graph with an overview of the motion that took place in front of the camera. And all this process is fully automatic.

Application 6

Create a web scraper which is a program that extracts data from websites and stores those data in a web structure format such as CSV or Excel files.

Application 7

Create a web app which visualizes stock market data on a web page. This is very useful for people who work on data analysis and visualizations.

Application 8

Build a web app using Python and the flask web framework. This web app will have a PostgreSQL database as well in the backend, and in the frontend it will have an HTML form where userscan submit data and then the program sends an automatic email to the users with some statistics extracted from the back-end database. So that’s a very interesting web application with lots of features.

Application 9

Create a web application that lets users submit addresses of locations, and the program Converts those addresses to geographic numeric coordinate and let the user download the output through the web page.

My advice is just don’t read blindly make sure you write and play around with code and don’t just copy my code, but try to experiment, change some parts of the code, run the program again and see how the output changes. Also try to solve the assignments throughout course, you can ask me questions on comment box.

Do internet research and be persistent on solving code issues which always arise while programming no matter how good you are. If you do all that you’ll have very good control of the Python programming language and you’ll be ready to apply for at least an entry-level job after you finish this course.

That’s about course introduction. Now you can go next section.

Python Introduction

Great, before we go ahead and learn about the Python basics such as variables, functions and so on I think it’s good that’s you understand how a Python program looks like. This is especially good if you have never programmed before.

In General there will be three kinds of programs, so you may have a program with a command line interface showing below.

You may have a program with a graphical user interface such below one, so it’s a desktopApplication.

You may also have for web applications such as below one here that runs on the browser and itcan be accessed through the internet.

Now the first thing you should know is that all these programs they are based on a dot py file such as this ones in here

So this is a Python file and whenever you start building something you should write your code in this script which looks like below.

Then once you have that script you can either run it through the command line interfacesuch as this one, script

Execute it and then you communicate with the interface so your program is asking you to entersome letters in there and so enter V V and c for consonants consonants. L or C, anywayand get some output in the command line Interface.

Now when do you use such a program? Well, you do this program if you not planning to distribute this program to normal users, to people who don’t know programming so I use Python,the Python program which I have already installed and I’ll show you how to install that later so I use Python and that points to the Python script so to the Python program to execute the program.Now, normal users they don’t have Python installed or they don’t know how to execute a Python program and that’s why you have graphical user interface or browsers.

In general when you use desktop application,well you’d use that if you just want to distributeyour program to a specific number of users let’s say you work on a company and you will want to build a program for the employees of a company to do specific tasks and so you could build this program and it’s possible to create an executable file out of your Python program.

This particular below one is A dot exe file for Windows, it runs on Windows as a standalone program but you can also create dot app files for Mac computers and then the user they don’t need to have for installed. They would simply execute the dot exe file and they can use the application.

When you use web application Well the web applications are best when your audience is large so basically you may want as many users to your application as possible so for instance what we have here is this is a geocoder service. It geocodes, it converts addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates so what users can do here is they can choose a file, so s CSV file and then you calculate latitude and longitude and send them back as csv file with those values.

So a web application in simple words can be for anyone and this also is based on dot py files on thebackground.

In these course we will build all three types of programmes.Am expecting now you know what a programme is, Python program looks like and what you can do with Python as well.

More about Python

Python is a object-oriented, high-level language, interpretation, dynamic, and multi-purpose programming language.Python is powerful and easy to learn, Python is very much attractive for application development because it is a versatile scripting language.

Python is ideal language for scripting and rapid application development in many areas because of its syntax and dynamic typing have their explanatory nature.

Python supports a variety of programming modes, including object-oriented programming, imperative and functional programming, or procedural programming.

Python is relatively supreme, and some common development areas, for example, Web programming. This is the reason it is called multi-purpose since it can be utilized for programming and framework improvement, for example, Networking, enterprise, 3D CAD.

Python can understand variables without declaring data type because it is the dynamic type, a write can be such as a=20 to declare a variable value of an integer type.

Python makes development and troubleshooting quick because no compilation steps are included in Python development.

Python is an advanced, interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented scripting language. Python programme to be highly readable. It uses English keywords, while other languages ​​use punctuation. It has fewer grammatical structures.

Python is similar to PERL and PHP.Because python is interpreted language – Python code is run in the interpreter and does not require a compiler before execution

Python is a great language for beginner programmers and supports the development of various applications ranging from simple text processing to WWW browsers to games.

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