how to get real time work on python

After learning the basics of Python how do you get started with real projects working on real programming projects?

I’m sure that’s a question that a lot of beginners ask themselves and I was asked this question by lot of students, so let’s discuss about what I would do once you have mastered or you are comfortable with the basics of Python, meaning the syntax, how to install packages, how to run your programs, how to bug check your programs and all of these things meaning you can actually bring some value to the world.

With your proper programs and solve real problems that people have how do you take the next step I think a critical part here is to realize that when you have some programming skills you actually have a really powerful ability and you can take that ability to go out and solve problems for other people, that can make it a very rewarding thing to do and it can be a great thing for you to help build up your skills.

So for example what you could do if you don’t feel comfortable yet applying for jobs or doing paid work just to go out and see who you can help with your programming work, right and it could be your neighbour doing some data crunching you know with his outside weather station and that’s probably a stupid example, but maybe it’s something you know at your existing or current place of work maybe there’s a colleague you can help automate some of his tasks or her tasks.

Maybe there’s something that you can apply in your own life and maybe you can swap out a spreadsheet for a little web application or just for a little script that does some number crunching.

So there’s opportunities for software to provide a lot of value everywhere you go I totally believe that and I see it every single day and if you can leverage your ability to program to solve other people’s problems it’s going to be great thing for your skills as well it’s going to help you a lot becoming a better programmer, becoming more confident in your abilities and feeling comfortable to take on paid work, Feeling ready to charge money for these skills that you can bring to the table and the value that you can create.

So that will be one thing you can do you know you can go out seek out people you can help in person by writing little programs for them or scratch your own itch write programs for yourself.

Another thing you can do and it’s a sort of dabbling into freelance work is you can sign up for platforms like and actually offer your services as a freelancer and a lot of times people there are looking for someone to write them a little web scraper script or you know to write some conversion program and your programming abilities can be a very helpful asset on a platform like that.

Now granted for the most part you’re not going to make a ton of money because these are not like highly specialized skills and there’s a difference between you know doing of writing a web scraper and doing some number crunching or some transformation versus building someone a full-blown web application you know as part of some startup company now you can still provide a lot of value but it’s kind of hard to really get a contract that way that pays a ton of money or that’s a long term consulting engagement but it could still be very very valuable work and can be great way for you to build your portfolio.

So this could be another option going to platforms like up work, just posting an ad on Craigslist offering your services and then you got to know you know where you are on the spectrum like how comfortable are you taking on larger contracts maybe of compared to just you know on an hour or two or three hours worth of work,but this is certainly something where you can dabble into and get your feet wet and well.

Another option would be if you’re not interested in doing paid work another option would be to contribute to open source projects maybe you can go out and seek out some existing open source projects and see if you can make a useful contribution and that could be something small like updating the help documentation making a small fix to the prod website and stuff like that but this is certainly something where you can also grow into taking on more responsibility and actually doing programming work that effects the real world and that is working collaboratively with other people.

So I laid out a couple of strategies in this article that you can use and hopefully that will help you on your journey to you know where to go next after learning the basics of Python if you have a question like that that relates to python and software development leave a comment below and I’ll try and tackle it in one of the next articles.

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