Free Ruby books

Free Ruby Books:

Mr. Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book
It covers the base syntax of the language, including working with values, flow control, and object oriented programming, into some of the library functionality of Ruby, such as databases, web services, and string manipulation. Download the free Ruby book in pdf format.
Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
This is just a small Ruby book. It won’t crush you. It’s light as a feather. And there’s a reason this book will stay light: because Ruby is simple to learn.
Learn To Program
Chris Pine’s book will teach you how to program using Ruby. You’ll learn to use your computer better, to get it to do what you want it to do. Starting with small, simple one-line programs to calculate your age in seconds, you’ll see how to advance to fully structured, real programs. You’ll learn the same technology used to drive modern dynamic websites and large, professional applications.
Programming Ruby: A Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide
A guide to working with the object-oriented programming language, Ruby, which allows for programming without extra syntax or code. Shows how to easily mine the Ruby language, teaching the basics, plus how to write large programs, how to extend Ruby using C code, and more.
Ruby Cookbook (PLEAC-Ruby)
Following the Perl Cookbook spirit, the PLEAC Project aims to gather fans of programming, in order to implement the solutions in other programming languages. In this document, you’ll find an implementation of the Solutions of the Perl Cookbook in the Ruby language.
The Little Book Of Ruby
The Little Book Of Ruby is a PDF eBook which will guide you through the fundamentals of Ruby programming. Starting with the basics (strings, numbers, objects and methods) it quickly moves on to explain all you need to know to create your own class hierarchies, use arrays, hashes, iterators, modules, mixins and much more.
Ruby User’s Guide
This is an introductory user’s guide to Ruby programming language. It is available online.
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Ruby
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Ruby is an online free Ruby book.
RubyGems User Guide
This free online book demonstrates the use of the most important features of RubyGems in a quick and high-level way. It is designed to be read all the way through to give the reader a feeling for this technology.
Learning Ruby
This online ruby book covers topics: The Basics, Flow Control, Data structures, Defining your own classes and methods and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) with Tk.
Ruby Programming
This book is broken down into (roughly) three sections. Getting started will teach you the basics of Ruby, enough to get started on your own projects — it’s meant to be read sequentially, though there’s nothing stopping you from skipping around. The next section, Intermediate Ruby covers a selection of slightly more advanced topics. Each section is designed to be self contained. Finally, the Ruby language section is organized like a reference to the language.
Ruby Core Reference
Pulled straight from the source code using RDoc, this reference work documents all of the core classes and modules (like String, Array, Symbol, etc).
Ruby Standard Library Reference
Pulled from the source code using RDoc, this reference work documents the standard library.
Ruby C API Reference
Documentation for Ruby’s underlying C code. Great if you want to write C extensions or contribute to Ruby’s development.
Ruby for complete beginners
This Ruby on Rails online guide will cover many areas of the ruby and rails programming language.
Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications
Build and deploy a fully-featured Web 2.0 application using Ruby on Rails. Learn best practice approaches to web application development. Use Rails’s Ajax features to create slick interfaces. Download this free Ruby on Rails book Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications book free of charge before December 1st 2007.
Ruby on Rails Security
Free eBook on Ruby on Rails security. Topics covered: Sessions, Cross-Site Reference Forgery, Redirection and Files, Intranet and Admin security, Mass assignment, User management, Injection, Secure MySQL and Server Monitoring.

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