The release of ‘Burrakatha’ Has been delayed for one day

  • Aadi Sai kumar, Mishti Chakrvarthy and naira Shalu has been working on he film which is yet to be released by the name Burrakatha. Famous writer Diamond Ratnababu is being introduced as director with this film. The film is scheduled to release this Friday which has already finished all programs. However, due to difficulties with the certification of censors, its release has been postponed.

    The film is planned to be released one day late Saturday, without any last minute tension.  But on Friday, Film unit has announced that it was postponing the film due to lack of clarity. The new release date will be announced soon. The film Unit has issued an official statement to this effect.  Along with young hero Adi Saikumar, who is in trouble with a series of defeats , the film has become a pivotal role for both of them as director Diamond Ratnababu’s debut.


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