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    Casting :

    Simba (Nani), Scar (Jagapatibabu), Simba, Pumbaa, Timo

    Directed by

    John Favreau

    Story :

    Some films are not only entertaining but also inventive to the new world. The latest Hollywood movie ‘The Lion King’ falls into this category. The animated film The Lion King, which was launched just a few years ago, was a sensational success. This is why Disney films have Hollywood fans worldwide. Disney still releases the film, using photo-realistic technology, in Hindi and English, as well as regional languages, as The Lion King is still popular. And let’s see in the review how the new colors are for that old picture. 

    It is a jungle .. The lion king Mufasa. Sarabhi (female lion) is the wife of Queen Musaafa of that forest. The prince born to both of them is Simba (little lion). Under Mufasa’s rule, wild animals live happily ever after. But like all stories, this story has a villain. He is the evil lion Scar. He is the younger brother of Swayana Mufasa. He plans to put an end to the king of the jungle. Mufasa, however, conspires to put an end to Simba, as the next prince Zimbabwe becomes king. At one stage Father Mufasa is in danger because of Simba’s aggression. Scar, who killed Mufasa in the accident, believes Simba was the cause of his death. 

    Scar is forced to flee from the jungle as a child. Mufasa, with his son Symbols blocked, becomes the king of the Scar forest and reigns supreme. With his rule, the animals along with the jungle are going extinct. 

    Pimba (wild boar) and Timon (mangoes) are enlarged and moved to another forest. Prince Simba has a heroine. Her name is Nala (female lion). Knowing that Simba is alive, Nala .. The unruly regime of Scar sagging in the jungle, Simba’s mother Sarbhani .. The film tortures him and returns to the kingdom. How did Simba, who was supposed to be dead, return to the jungle and tie up his little Scar game? The rest of the story is about how Musafa ended the Scar that caused the death. 

    Hollywood Adventure Animation Movie Telugu Dubbing ie Baboy .. Missing the original flavor due to dubbing. But the movie The Lion King was dubbed Perfect. Mufasa .. Scar .. Simba .. Pumbaa .. Timon, dubbing with Tollywood stars so that Telugu audience can connect easily with the characters of ‘The Lion King’. . 

    Ravishankar gave voice to Mufasa in Telugu, Nani to Simba, Jagapatibabu to Sarga, Lipsika to Nala’s character, Brahmanandam to the wild boar to Pumba and Ali to the role of Timon. 

    With a budget of about $ 260 million, John Favreau’s The Lion King is a fantastic visual. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no spectator who is not impressed by the technology of photo realistic. Along with the big animals in the jungle, small worms, grasses, eru, vagu, vanka, each gave a wonderful visual appearance. Locations in the jungle are taking nothing for granted. It looks like a wonderful world. 

    But as long as we see ‘The Lion King’, we can remember the story of Baahubali. Conspiracy to kill his brother for the sake of the sovereignty. Waiting .. Baahubali’s story is haunting in every scene. The Kattappa style character is also featured. 

    However, technically standards, without leaving the story elements .. The emotional drama, the emotional drama, the emotional drama in the adventure animated film director. No matter how the elders … Children enjoy the film to the fullest. For two hours go to the forest realm called ‘The Lion King’ .. Mufasa .. Scar .. Simba .. Pumbaa .. 

    The voice of Nani is a match for Simba’s character. Jagapathi Babu’s voice for the role of Scar .. is terrifying. Jagapathi Babe seems to roar every time Scar appears on screen. The highlight of the film is the voice of the comedic Brahma Brahmananda playing the role of a wild boar named Pumbaa. Ali’s voice is set to play the role of Timon, a three-headed animal. Children of Pumbaa and Timon combine scenes in theaters. Ali made the sticks with the phrase ‘Akuna matuta’. The nose bird jazz was also a joke. 

    When the hero returns to save the kingdom in order to achieve his father’s ambition, Simba’s elevation scene is creepy. Fight with Aina (strange animals) in the dark caves. The action episodes in the climax give the hair a sense of numbness. The story of the hero coming to the rescue of a villain who kills his father and tortures his mother .. The backdrop of kings and kingdoms arrives at the Hollywood Range. But this story is not new in terms of story as we have seen it before in Baahubali. The story of ‘The Lion King’ seems outdated, as there is no Telugu viewer in Baahubali. 

    Directed by John Favreau, Jeffery Production Values ​​.. Written by Brenda Chapman .. Hans Zimmer Music .. Jeff Nithan Sun Screenplay .. Kelab Dispensational Cinematography .. ‘The Lion King’ is a wonderful visual illustration .. Nani, Jagapathibabu, With the voice over, Ali and Brahmanandam’s level of cinema has increased. Visual Wonder entertained the original Sisal by providing the original flavor for the dubbing films. ‘The Lion King’ is the most entertaining movie with kids. 

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