The Coffee Day ‘King’ story is a tragedy


    Cafe Coffee Day VG Siddhartha

    The story of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) chief VG Siddhartha, who is known as a mummy and controversial man, is finally tragic. The body of veteran businessman and Cafe Coffey, who disappeared two days ago, was found at the Nethravathi River on Wednesday morning by the body of former CM SM Krishna’s son-in-law Siddhartha. VG Siddhartha Hometown Coffee Seemangalore, however, is a business technique in Mumbai. They expanded their empire of coffee estates.

    VG Siddhartha has launched her favorite Cafe Coffee Day in Bangalore city and now in various states of the country as well as in many countries. There are over 1800 coffees in the country and abroad. Thousands of transactions have grown to the level of transactions. Meanwhile, the unexpected tide came, Amo .. suddenly disappeared. Siddhartha, who disappeared at the Netravati River Bridge near Mangalore on Monday evening, finally died.

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