Russell Peters on his journey as a comedian

  • Humorously Yours 2

    Abhishek Banerjee

    Sahil Verma

    Piyush Sharma

    Badri Chavan

    Humorously Yours S 2 brings back Vipul Goyal and Rasika Dugal together again. From a difficult comedian, Vipul has developed into a mature and successful comedian, with a number of fresh issues, arguing with his spouse about the share of small national tasks.

    He says he was “barely making a living”. “But I did not yet know that where I am now, I do not even know that great things will come to me one day. I had no idea anything was going to happen.

    I was just like ‘ I hope, i make enough money one day where I don’t have to worry whether my mortgage or rent will be paid “I was not aware that any thing will happen. During the talk with comedian Vipul Goyal, Peters opened up on his way, and is seen his own manager for “Humorously Yours 2” – a TVF original. The MX Player stream will start on June 7.

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