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    Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Anupama Parameswaran, Rajiv Kanakala, Keshav Deepak, Saravanan, Kashi Vishwanath, Vinod Sagar
    Directed by  Ramesh Verma Penmetsa
    Sai Srinivas, known to the industry as producer Bellamkonda Suresh’s son, is trying to prove his talent as a solo hero. She has already acted in six films. The actor has been recognized but .. the market has not yet formed as expected. To this end, Srinivas’s latest movie is ‘Rakshasudu’. This is a remake of the Tamil super hit movie ‘Ratchasan’. Directed by Ramesh Verma. 

    Arun Kumar (Srinivas) is working as an assistant director. His dream is to become a director. He is making a script based on the murders of psychoses around the world. For this he is a big researcher on psychos. All the producers are happy to hear the story of Arun. Due to family circumstances, Arun joins the police. 

    With the help of Bawa (Rajeev Kanakala), he pursues his dream and joins the police department as a sub-inspector. A school student is brutally murdered on the job. She will be killed in a brutal manner. While the case is being investigated, another such murder takes place. Another student is also brutally murdered. Who is committing these murders? Why are you doing this? This is how Arun solved them. 

    Thriller movies need to be stronger than story. Audiences must be relieved to see such tales unfolding around the screen with a title screen. This ‘monster’ is something like that. Why does a man who turns into a psycho target 15 to 16 year old girls at school? Why does he kill them so cruelly? That means his flashback. However, the reason shown in the flashback is not as effective. But, the rest of the story gives the viewer a good thrill with a story that runs out of nowhere. The story also includes a message for school children and parents on how to be careful with strangers. 

    The story was originally written by Tamil director Ram Kumar based on the life of Alexander Spesivtsov, a Russian serial killer. Otherwise the reason for becoming a psycho was changed. Danny remake the Telugu version. The director of Fustaf is the only murderer who shows off his murder without revealing who he is. The police have no clue as to the murders committed. The attempt by the police and SI Arun for a clue is very interesting. Teacher Krishnaveni (Anupama Parameswaran) falls in love with Arun to solve the case. She will also be part of the investigation of the case. 

    The scenes that precede Interval are very important in the interval black film. In this scene, Rajiv Kanakala’s performance is spectacular. It is interesting to find the killer in the secondhand and hunt him down. The curiosity of what happens afterwards is caused by the spectator. However .. It would be nice if the pre-climax and climax scenes were still strong. The director seemed very simple. The way the psycho killer is tamed is not as effective. 

    Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas did justice to his role. Well suited as a police officer. He is the cornerstone of the film. However, he still has to improve his gestures. What’s new about Anupama Parameswaran’s performance? She acted in her role. Rajeev Kanaka has long been a good character. Saravanaane, who acted as a villain in Tamil, did it in Telugu. Due to his make-up, his performance is not very popular. Also, Vinod Sagar has played the role of a teacher who behaves cruelly towards girls. The rest of the cast played their own roles. 

    Along with the screenplay, the other major strength is the background music provided by Jibran. Looks awesome. Heartburn. Gibran took each scene to another level with his background score. Not only that, they also provided two good songs. Although there are four songs on the album, only two are kept in the film. Love song ‘chinni chinni’ coming on Fustaf. The cinematography provided by Venkat Dilip Chundoor is also excellent. Locations in the film seemed natural. 

    Finally, the director succeeded in successfully remaking the remake of the film. The audience was given a good engaging psycho thriller. This is a movie you should go to the theater and enjoy. 

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