Rakshasudu Box Office .. Bellamkonda Thrilling Collections!

  • Rakshasudu Box Office Collections

    Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas and Anupama Parameswaran starred in the crime thriller ‘Rakshasudu’ which impressed the Telugu audience. The film received positive reviews on the first day of its release before it was released. It is estimated that the film has grossed over Rs 2 crore in Telugu films on the first day and grossed over Rs 1.5 crore on the second day. 

    According to cinema sources, in the last two days, AP and Telangana ‘Rakshasudu’ has raised Rs 3.58 crore. With the blockbuster talk coming to the cinema, Sunday collections are going to grow even more. Already the show has become a household thing. All in all, the first weekend ‘monster’ is guaranteed. 

    On the other hand, in the US  ‘Rakshasudu’  descent collections are being made. The film grossed $ 31,200 (about Rs. 2.73 lakh) on the premiere and Friday, making $ 35,100 on Saturday (about Rs.24.45 lakh). In total, ‘Rakshasudu’ grass in the US is $ 66,300 by the end of Saturday. That is about Rs 46.18 lakh.

    It is reported that the  ‘Rakshasudu’   theatrical rights have been sold worldwide for Rs 14 crore. This amount is expected to come out before the end of the second week. 

    Two days share of ‘Rakshasudu’ in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
    Nizam – Rs. 1.38 crore 
    seeded – Rs. 54 lakhs 
    Nellore – Rs. 13 lakhs 
    Guntur – Rs. 29 lakhs 
    Krishna – Rs. 24 lakhs 
    West Godavari – Rs. 20 lakhs 
    East Godavari – Rs. 24 lakhs 
    Uttarakhandra – Rs. 55 million 
    Total – Rs. 3.58 crores 

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