Balayya with ‘A’ director!

  • Nandamuri Balakrishna who, with his actions, shocked his fans, occasionally shocked the movies. Nobody surprises him by shooting unpredictable films. Balayya recently made a movie with the Paisa Vasool under Puri Jagannath. A crazy combination of this appears ready to return on the screen recently.

    A! Prashant Verma, who was introduced as a director to the movie, wants to make a film a hero. Prashant Verma, who prepares to meet Kalki on Friday, said he was planning to make a film with Balaya at promotions. Prashant’s movie combination will be heard soon that this film has a chance. And we’ve got to see when it comes out of this crazy combination, but we’re going to see the film in it.

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